Tour to Far East

Singapore | Malaysia | Thailand - 09 Nights / 10 DaysSingapore, a bustling city-state in Southeast Asia. Bird-watch at the Jurong Bird Park, the largest bird park in the whole of Southeast Asia. Enjoy the city’s breathtaking skyline onboard the giant observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer. For a little island, it offers huge adventures and vibrant multi-cultural experiences for the whole family, whether day or night, crammed into every corner of this beautiful garden city.Admire the majestic Grand Palace, a salute to the craftsmanship of the Thai people. Don't miss out the world's largest reclining Buddha at Wat Pho. For a taste of Thai martial arts, catch a Muay Thai match. If you wish for something gentler, watch a graceful performance of traditional Thai dance.Tour Visits :MalaysiaSingaporeThailandSingapore & Malaysia - 05 Nights / 06 DaysThe culture in Southeast Asia is very diverse, on mainland Southeast Asia, the culture is a real mix of Indian and Chinese, in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, the culture is a mix of Arab, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Indian and the indigenous Austronesian culture. The arts of Southeast Asia have no affinity with the arts of other areas. Dance in much of Southeast Asia also includes movement of the hands, as well as the feet to express the emotion and meaning of dance upon the story that the ballerina going to tell the audience.Tour Visits :MalaysiaSingaporeThailand | Colombo - 05 Nights / 06 DaysThe picturesque island of Colombo is a kaleidoscopic weave of modern skyscrapers, three-wheeled taxis, smart businessmen, street vendors and Buddhist monks.No trip to Colombo is complete without trying traditional desserts such as such as ‘watapallan’, ‘kavun’, ‘kokis’, buffalo curd and honey.Bangkok is a national treasure house and Thailand's capital in every way. For a unique experience, ride around the city in colourful ‘tuk-tuks’, which doubles as a great way to people-watch. Stop and admire the majestic Grand Palace, a salute to the craftsmanship of the Thai people.Tour Visits :ThailandSrilanka

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